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Customizable embroidered "Home is where the NAVY sends us" camo pillow cover

This pillow cover is lovingly handcrafted from genuine camo; please pick your favorite branch.

The embroidery will be AS IS (pick your favorite color for the "HOME IS WHERE THE ____ SENDS US part) UNLESS you specify otherwise in the "Special Design Instructions" section, during checkout.

*When ordering an:
ARMY PILLOW: a Star (yellow) & the word ARMY (black) will be embroidered
MARINE PILLOW: an Eagle, Globe and Anchor (beige) & the word MARINE (red) will be embroidered
NAVY PILLOW: an anchor (white) & the word NAVY (white) will be embroidered
AIR FORCE PILLOW: a USAF EMBLEM (royal) & the words AIR FORCE (royal) will be embroidered

The back of the pillow cover has a zipper and a satin ribbon pull for easy access.

Our pillows have an overlock finish on the inside.

This listing is for a 16"X16" PILLOW COVER only: you will be able to purchase a 16" X 16" pillow insert just about anywhere .
This saves you greatly on shipping costs.

*NOTE: Due to the unique nature and size of each uniform, your custom creation may look different than this picture.

For a constant reminder of your Hero, make it personal by adding a photo pocket on it.

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