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I received my custom military purses this week. Love all of them!!! Will always cherish these as they are from my son's uniforms. I showed them to all my friends and they loved them also. What a great job you did and are doing for our military and their families. God Bless you!! Betty


The camo bears and military blankets are perfect!!!! Tears streaming down my face as my little girl hugs her teddy and quilt made from her daddy's uniforms. Please pass my love and gratitude to your team!! Aimee


I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love my military purse and my two camo make-up bags! I will make sure to spread the word. You are awesome and your work speaks volume of how awesome you really are. I am on my way to my next order!!! Jennifer


I have to say that Eve and her team at Military Apparel Company have treated us, as well as those precious uniforms, with nothing but love and respect. What a wonderful thing to be able to hold the uniforms he went to war in close to us. 



I have received my military purse on Friday and all I want to do is brag for a minute. I absolutely LOVE it! I am so happy I found you to make it. I love your work, time and effort you put into it. You made it exactly the way I wanted it. I also love the size of it because I can't put too much stuff in it.  It's big enough just for my things and not the kids. Haha. I will definitely send more army wives your way! Thank you again. You done an amazing job! Next on my list is a wallet. :) 
Thank you so very much, **Shawnda**


I got my military purse today and I love it. My boyfriend who also was a marine likes it as well. He thinks it's pretty cool. I am so glad I found your company. I can't thank you enough. I'll always have my dad with me. Michelle


I'm wearing this beautiful military bracelet today. Thank you so much ! Being able to have Chad's uniform that he wore in Afghanistan against me all day is very comforting.

Aimee W. 




Eve, All I can say is, great gob !!'
Love my military bear, my camo uniform purse and camo flower-pin! 
Thank you !!!! Christine



Hello, wanted you to know I received my awesome military key chain this afternoon. It turned out so great, you were right. It looks awesome. Thank you so much for making it the exact way I wanted and shipping it off super quick! Your work is great. I sent the top for my military purse off today. Said it will get to you on Thursday. Now, that's something I'm super excited to receive. Thanks again, you're too sweet and done a great job as well. XOX




I'm glad your company is being given national attention, as it is very deserved. What you all do is a very honorable endeavor. You create pride that a family member can exhibit in having a member of our Armed Forces in their family, but it also gives that family member a way to have a piece of their loved one with them where ever they go. You give the Blue Star families and Gold Star families a way for them to Honor their family member who volunteered to serve their country. Of all the small businesses across this great country of ours, this is one of the best, for it gives those familie's a way to show Pride, Love, and Honor for their loved ones- those military members who are serving us as well. Maybe Ellen, Kelly Ripa, Fox News, Good Morning America will see the article and have Eve as a guest to explain and show off her company. You all can be very proud of what you do and that service that you provide to those familie's. A very worthwhile and necessary endeavor indeed. Every employee of your company who has a military family is showing Semper Fidelis to their loved one who wears the uniform. Thank you for all you do for those families. Semper Fi! ED



I received my military purse and I am thrilled with it!  I have proudly told friends and coworkers where it came from and that it was made from my son's uniform.  I am so enjoying it.  I sent my son pictures and he was very happy to see that the purse included his "wings" which he considers one of the best parts of his uniform.  Thank you again! I have one of his flight suits, too, although it has no tapes or patches.  Now if I could only decide what to have made.  Something for me and something for his fiancee, perhaps.  Decisions, decisions!

Best regards, Nancy C.

They are being silly. Here are my boys with their custom made Military Brat key chains!!! I love them and they love their favorite colors on these awesome key chains!! Thank you, from Devon and Kade 


Eve, we received both the military purse and the military wallet... both are perfect!

Thanks you again so much for the fine craftsmanship.

Thanks again, V/r, Ryan


I have multiple military purses and other creations from Military Apparel Company and I love all of them. I use at least two of them daily and get plenty of use out of the others. They are well crafted and very study. I receive compliments on my Prosperity wallet all the time, and people love how creative I was able to be with my numerous purse creations. I recently received my latest PTSD awareness purse and cannot wait to start using it. Amanda


Thank you so much to Eve for making a wonderful military purse for me. Thank you for going out of your way to find a dress Army and dress Navy uniform from the time that both of my grandfathers serviced. I love my purse!!


Military Apparel Company made me a military purse from my ex husband uniform when he was enlisted...I came out amazing I receive compliments all the time when I use it ..and I have the matching wallet too...I love the company and the apparel she makes... Wonderful company. Lori Perez-Morse


Military Apparel Company created a lovely custom military purse/bag for me, using Navy Uniforms. It is very meaningful to me because my father served in the Navy and my brother-in-law served in the Navy as well. Since I work for DON, it was appropriate for me to have my name monogrammed on the front. It now is a very sentimental piece that represents the service of all 3 of us. The craftsmanship and design is excellent and Eve took time to make it special just for me! Love my Military Apparel purse! Miriam


I am absolutely in love with my Prosperity wallet made by the most giving person I know. It has the name of my One True King on it and comforting scripture. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and my beautiful well made wallet. Tifany


It was exactly a week from the time that I ordered my military custom purse SNAZZY to the time I received it. Really well made. Would order from you again!!! And will most definitely will refer to my friends! Elizabeth


Good Evening, I received the military tote today and absolutely love it. Thank you very much. Wow that was extremely fast. I really appreciate the extra time you took to find that perfect material. Yolanda 


The whole experience from start to finish was amazing. Not only is the product outstanding and well crafted, but the best thing by far was the personalized customer service. When I had a question there was someone right there to assist. Her recommendations were spot on and I couldn't be more pleased with how every thing turned out. I am convinced if I had just ordered without her help I wouldn't like it near as much! It is clear that this is run by folks who are passionate about what they do and taking care of their customers!

Have a great day!



My purse arrived today and it  is stunning.  Esther did a beautiful job – and so love that she kept the tailor’s  label intact

and I can see it on the lining.  Takes my breath away!

This is a memory of my Mother that we can keep in our family always.

Thank you so much.

God Bless, Karen


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I received my key chain today- AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's even more awesome than I thought it would be! I will definitely be ordering more stuff and passing on your website to friends. Not only was the key chain extremely well done and perfect (I am so glad I asked for your recommendations on colors!!), but the customer service was over the top and made it such a nice personal experience!! Don't lose that personal touch :-)

Thanks so much for everything! My next purchase is going to be one of those purses I think! ;-)

Have a great day!!



I was very hesitant to send off my daughter's uniforms in the mail (where they could get lost) to strangers who were going to cut them and disassemble them. My daughter is a fallen hero and her uniforms are priceless to me. But I held my breath and did it and I can honestly say I have no regrets. I am extremely thrilled with the beautiful creations that Eve and company created. Instead of Paige's uniforms stored in a closet not to be seen, I carry them with me everywhere and when people ask me about them I am able to share her story. Eve & Lori put me at ease through the whole process and I have new friends in my life. Thank you for a quality product and compassionate customer service! 

Thanks for all you do



This blanket means so much to us. It doesn't just offer remembrance of Dylan, it offers hope for  healing. It's as though we still have a part of him with us; a part of him that is holding our daughter when she is wrapped up in the blanket. She will always be able to put it around her and she will be in her daddy's arms again. We will never be able to thank you enough for creating something so special in memory of Dylan.



I knew when I sent in my son's ACU's and carefully selected the items, that the women in our family would treasure these keepsakes. What I did not count on was two things:

1. The profound impact of holding this bag. The uniform was washed three times before sending, but I can still "smell him" and that is so comforting to me it brings me to... tears. It smells of the strong box it was sent home in many months ago, a mixture of dust, grit, sunshine, sweat and a faint bit of menthol foot powder LOL. He is safe and out of the battle zone but still living overseas and I treasure this reminder of him, his courage and his sacrifice. As I hold it, I am forever reminded of the 20 young men who went in with him, but did not return home with him. I will always honor and remember the fallen.

2. The conversations that are started wherever I go. People always ask about the bag. When I tell them it was handcrafted from the uniform my son wore in the battlefield, nearly everyone has to touch it. I can see the change in their eyes. Just placing their hand upon a uniform worn in battle by a 19 year old hometown son makes them really "think" about their freedom and the sacrifices being made for them. The impact it has had on spreading the word of what our military heroes are doing over there is amazing and I LOVE sharing the story of my precious son and my precious keepsake military handbag. I am so blessed. THANK YOU EVE and LORI!



I received my Patience and other products the other day and I just wanted to say thank you so much to Eve and everyone else! You are an amazing person and designer Eve =] I wanted to let you know that I loved the Prayer Shawl included with everything; I already put it in one of my new purse pockets and I'm going to keep it there. It was a very sweet, caring, and personal touch that touched me very... deeply. I'm very happy to be able to of found a place to help me further show my support and love for my Marine and all the other military personnel. You have such amazing products, it's hard not to order every single one! I can't wait to order everything from the baby line once my Marine and I have babies. I will definitely and can't wait to order even more from you in the future! =] Thank you again from the bottom of my heart- I love all of my products♥ 



Eve, I just received the diaper bag that is to be passed around between the 4 of my kids as needed. Our first grandbabies (twins) have recently been born and we intend on keeping this in the family. The fatigues that were used are my sons who is now serving in Afghanistan. This is very special and very well made. If you need another testimony, I would be happy to help out!



Hi Eve, 

I did and it is my favorite bag in the world. I have been using it non stop and everyone asks me where I got it. Since starting to do reviews I've gotten to know all of the UPS, Fed EX and USPS workers in my area and when this was delivered my mailman was curious as to what a military handbag was so he said I hope that you don't think I'm being to nosey and you can say no but do you mind opening that package so I can see what that is...lol.. So I opened it while he was here and he loved it. 

Have a great weekend, Stacy 


I just wanted to say thank you for the love you and your team put into making each one of my bags. When I saw the box was at the post office I just had to go get it because I could not wait any longer. The bags are so much more than I ever expected and I took Patience to work today along with Drive, Hope & Prosperity. As I had hoped the planner that I already had looks wonderful with my bag. Now the hard part will be figuring out which bag to use each day because they are all AMAZING. Soon I will be ordering a few more items and I know that the person whose birthday present I have will love her's just as much as I love mine. Keep up the AMAZING work! 



Sooo can not wait!!!! By the way we got our package today and I love the bag! That bag is wonderful I can't wait to use it!!!! I want to save it for work :) So pray that I get a job :) Also, my daughter was so excited that she was jumping up and down all over the place..lol..lol Now I can't wait to get my other two very special items!!!!!! 



Thank you doesn't even begin to express how grateful I am. The items turned out better than I expected. With DH leaving in less than 30 for BCT & feel very proud knowing where he is, and that I can show my pride with this Amazing bag. My husband is also grateful since he can give our son his Blanky at his Baptism tomorrow so that he can hold daddy close while he is gone. 

Eve, thanks to you and your staff. I look forward to ordering many more items in the future, and once my husband has ACU's that I can take, I will be sending them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

I will be sending photos of my son with his Blanky and me with my bag soon. 

Thank you again, Theodora 


Here's the latest update on the handbags I had ordered. Between Christmas/New Year I flew out to Ft. Leavenworth, KS where my son is currently stationed and took along two of the handbags that I had ordered. My 12-year old granddaughter saw the handbag and she really liked it. I told here it was made from her dad's uniform, and I asked her if she would like one. She nodded enthusiastically 'yes'. I showed her the other two, and she chose the shoulder bag . She quickly took her old bag - moved all of her personal belongings into the shoulder bag and has started to wear that bag to church, as well as to school. She lives on 'post' and goes to school with all the army personnel who go to Ft. Leavenworth for 6-9 month training (Military university - so to speak;). I'm hoping that some of her classmates will see her bag, and hopefully contact your site to have additional bags ordered from your site. I told my little 12-year old to let everyone know that her bag was made from 'daddy's uniform that went to Afghanistan two-times'. 

So, I thought you might just like to hear that story and hope that out of it more orders will come your way from Kansas (since I live in NJ). Again - thank you for your wonderful talent and making a 12-year old so happy. 

Have a Blessed New Year, 



Hello, Eve! I trust that you had a wonderful Christmas! 

I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that all of my Christmas gifts to my loved ones were an outstanding success!! Daryl Jr's girlfriend loves her bag with the dog tag! Daryl's 3 sisters and grandmother were so surprised and happy to have the keyring wallets and Daryl's dad is thrilled with his business card holder! The best part is that we will all have something that was Daryl's when he is gone, for over a year, across the world in Afghanistan. 

I am so grateful to you and your ministry! 

Have a fantastic and blessed new year! I am sure we will be in touch. I do hope you will add Daryl to your prayer list. 

God bless you! Tanya


I love my bag and have had a few comments on them already in the few days i have had them. You really made my birthday special by getting them right before. Thank you again for making me my beautiful products. :)  



Dear Eve, 

I received my handbags today and am thrilled with them. They are all I had hoped they would be. Thank you so very much!  



I LOVE the bags and cannot wait to give them at Christmas.... A Blessed Christmas to YOU and your family and staff. 




Thank you, thank you for the beautiful workmanship on the items I ordered. This is above and beyond what I expected !!!

Every piece is just perfect. God bless you and your associates for everything you do for the families of our servicemen and women. I can not wait for my daughter-in-law and grandchildren to open these on Christmas Day. I will let you know their reactions. You will be hearing from me again, I am sure. 

Merry Christmas and God bless 

– Pat 


Eve, You are right! I am singing! I LOVE everything I ordered! I want to keep both of the handbags and cannot decide which one to give to Daryl's girlfriend as a Christmas gift. I cannot express to you how very thrilled I am to be able to have something of Daryl's during his long upcoming absence. It will really help to feel his presence near. 

YOU are fantastic for creating such a wonderful ministry! 



Hi Eve, 

Received my military bag in the mail today and it's fabulous!!! The sky's the limit with this one regarding contents!! My daughter will be home @ Christmas, and I can't wait until she checks it out! Thank you so much for your patience with me, and I am so proud to carry a military handbag! Wishing you continued success . . . . 



Hey Eve, 

thank you so much!! I love it and so does his mom. You are great. Have a great day! 



Well Eve, I received the handbag in yesterday's mail but of course you would already know that by the delivery confirmation. It is just beautiful! It was so nice I couldn't wait till Mother's Day to present it to my wife. She loved it! And then there was an even bigger smile when she asked if this was from my uniform and I said yes. Thanks again so much. 

Best regards, David P McIltrot 


You attended a picnic that Theresa had back in June and made me a beautiful handbag from my husband’s desert camis. I really love it and decided I would now like the tote bag. I confiscated another camo shirt!!! You do beautiful work and my husband was surprised how much he liked it since he had a hard time picturing it when I described it to him. Thank you!! 

Kimberly Valentine 


 Last time you emailed me you said you would like some pictures of the bag you made for my wife from my son's Air Force shirt. My wife and all her friends just love it. (And I got a lot of extra points myself..... If you know what I mean) Thanks Again 

P.S. My wife is showing it off at the 4th of July Parade on Saturday, she belongs to a Blue Star Mother’s Group.  

Larry Hess   


I just received my bags today and they are wonderful, you did just what I asked, with the buttons and pockets! I had no real concept of what you were going to do with the patches from my husband’s uniforms, but I just loved how it turned out! You really do turn it into ART!! The one bag I am sending to my sister in law as the birthday gift will be treasured, she has always looked up to her big brother and been so proud of him and now she has a way to show it!!! My bag will not only remind me of my husband’s service, but mine as well, and I will carry it with the pride that I feel for this great country! 

I think what you are doing is very inspiring, owing and operating a business is not easy, and keeping balance with a growing family, even tougher!!! Best of luck to you!! And be assured I will tell all my friends!! 

Take care, Andi Tart


We Got Our Custom Order Backpack! He loves it! Thanks so much. Now he is obsessing over where to put the patches, lots of fun with the possibilities! Thanks so much again for making such a nice keepsake that he can use all the time. 

Elizabeth Frantz 


I absolutely love the work you do & I am enjoying my bag. Can’t wait for the next one :o) 



We have seen your work and it is always really nice, so I am sure you are doing what is best! 

Thanks again, Lucy 


My wife just loves her handbag. It looks great. We just got back from vacation and it was the first mail we opened. She cannot wait to show it off. THANKS, Gabriel 


We are so excited! Thanks for the personal service. Who knows what will happen when he starts to use it in terms of referrals! 

Thanks again, Jen 


Eve, just wanted you to know that I did receive the bags last week and LOVE THEM, you did a great job!! And I have showed the bags to some of my friends here, so maybe there will be more orders coming from Northern VA!!! 

Thanks again for your creativity and your help!!!I love the little HOPE coin purse!!! Thank you!!! 



Military Apparel Company made my purse to my specifications...exactly what I wanted...and I LOVE it!! It's the only purse I am carrying during deployment!! Mary