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America is a wonderful place, it is known as a land of opportunities. However, there is a cost to the freedom that we have. The cost is mostly borne by our brave heroes who fight for the country, and even laying down their lives for it. However, it isn’t easy to stay away from family and not knowing whether you will ever see them again. The same goes for the family. This is what we are about; helping the families to cope with the circumstances. We do this by converting the uniforms into meaningful creations, which the families can proudly wear to remind them of the sacrifices. 

Abandoned in attics, isolated in closets, retired, forgotten... Military Apparel Company gives the Military Uniform a second chance as a carefully crafted, tangible display of Pride allowing you to keep your American Hero by your side. Our creations serve as a personal, constant reminder of loved ones that have just returned, are presently serving, or have sacrificed their lives defending our country.

Change the World one creation at a time by creating custom, meaningful bags and accessories crafted from personal military uniforms while giving back to the Military and their families. *Our creations are proudly MADE IN USA*


To many, a handbag is merely an accessory, changing frequently with seasons and an individual’s tastes. To others, like Eve, founder and designer of Military Apparel Company, it serves as a more permanent statement of who they are, what they believe in, and their commitment to create a brighter tomorrow.

At the early age of 5, Eve began sewing and creating, a passion shared through her grandmother and upon which Eve later chose to build a career. Over time, Eve became an acclaimed and award-winning French fashion designer and developed both her skills and her reputation. 

Enticed by the promises of the American dream, Eve moved to the United States. But to her great despair, shortly thereafter she faced dark days and struggled to survive as a newly-divorced single mother. Falling back to what she knew best, Eve started her own design-your-own handbag business and worked to learn a new language and establish her name and reputation for a second time. Alone and with no steady source of income, Eve’s road was an uphill climb. Still, she never lost faith and she kept her passion in focus.
Then things suddenly became clear as Maj. Dan Carroll of the United States Army requested that Eve convert his uniforms into handbags and accessories as gifts for his mother and sister.The company gladly and speedily designed two handbags and two change purses using the fabric, patches and buttons; and the results were phenomenal.  
Eve combined her love of designing and creating with her dream of helping others. She expanded her handbag business and launched Military Apparel Company, a project that Changes the World one creation at a time by creating custom, meaningful bags and accessories crafted from personal military uniforms while giving back to the Military and their families. 
Through this project, Eve also met and fell in love with a truly special soldier, Sergeant Jeremy Baum, completing Eve’s American dream of having a successful, meaningful business and a family. 
Eve’s own challenges along her personal journey have brought her to a place where she can be a stronger woman, mother, and business owner. Now she proudly uses her creativity to help and honor others while working to change the world one creation at a time.

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