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    If desired, mail your uniform to us. Make sure to place your order number on the outside of the box.

    **We have in-stock uniforms if you do not have your own** We usually can make 2 handbags and some accessories with one top or pant.

    Military Apparel Company
    393 Oxford Road
    Gardners, PA 17324

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    Relax while our team carefully cuts, sews and hand finishes each creation, in the USA, with the utmost attention to details, care and passion.

    Our goal is to ship your creations in within two weeks. Look for your convenient shipping tracking email.

To design, construct, and build a quality creation that will last for years is an art, a trade and our heart and soul. Our founder is a renowned fashion designer who values high quality materials, patterns and processes to ensure that your creation is simply perfect.

Each and every skilled artists who joins our family has been chosen to provide the utmost quality. Specially trained following the strict standards of our company, they transform your uniforms into a meaningful piece of art.

We guarantee and assure quality.

Our customer care is always willing to help, yet another thing that sets Military Apparel Company apart from the rest.


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