• Ever since Nick passed away I have been telling anyone who would listen that I wanted to get something, probably bears, made from his scrubs. After looking at Military Apparel Company's website and their Instagram I knew I had found the company who could make my bears... MoreI asked them to make me three bears from Nick's scrubs that he wore as an ECA at York Hospital, then affix Paramedic patches to their bellies, to honor his multiple years working full and part time as a first responder. They came recently, and I am over the moon happy with them. My girl recognized the patch and knew it was in memory of her Daddy. My older boy hugged it and smiled. My baby boy spent a large chunk of time while I was taking pictures staring at "nothing", but after looking at the pictures I have a pretty good idea of what he saw. I couldn't be more thankful.


  • Just wanted to let you know that we have received the new collar and leash – it is lovely! Thank you for doing such a great job again! I’ve attached a photo of our beautiful boy showing off his new collar! Thanks again.


  • I just want to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bag! It's really cute and I love that you included a little pocket for pens on the outside of the bag. Your customer service was amazing. You called to make a suggestion on changing the color of the ribbon and then took a picture of it before shipping it to me... MoreSeriously, you are doing EVERYthing right. Thank you so much! Yes, of course I took pictures of my cute new bag and tagged you on Facebook. I work at a hospital and I've already shown my bag to a few others who have loved ones in the military. Hopefully I can make some sales for you. ;-) Have a great day!

    Julie D.

  • Love, love, LOVE! Military Apparel Company was quick to answer my questions, made my military key chain within 24 hours and shipped the next day! Eve took photos and confirmed with me every step of the way. Just received in the mail and it's absolutely perfect... MoreIt's the little things that go a long way. I love being able to show my pride for our armed services and my marine. I am recommending this seller to everyone! Thank you for your hard work, and I can't wait to show my marine on his next leave.

    Emily T

  • Good Morning! We received the camo teddy bears yesterday, and I just wanted to say thank you so much!! My girls love them, in fact my 3-year old is taking hers to show and tell today!! I just wanted to tell you how much we love them, and a big thank you for what you do!

    Regards, V. Tirri

  • My son says his new stocking is awesome! Couldn't have asked for better customer service. I didn't know where to specify his name so wasn't expecting it to be added but I got a message asking what name to put on it and a picture of the completed stocking which was really cool... More since I had it shipped directly to my son who is stationed in Connecticut (I live in California). Thank you for helping make his Christmas away from home a little merrier!


  • Thank you so very much for my bag, wallet and custom key chains made from gear from our very own firehouse! The quality of work that you produce is second to none and I could not have planned a more perfect bag in my mind that what you have created here... MoreI think my boyfriend whom is a long time firefighter loves it just as much as me!! Thank you again :)

    Sarah S

  • This is Greta D and I just received my (5) charity purses made from my Dad's 1950's US Navy uniforms. They are soooooo very awesome! They are even more wonderful than I had imagined them. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job in helping me memorialize my father. I can't wait to share them with my mom, sister and niece. Thanks again!

    Greta D

  • LOVE IT!!!! 6 years ago my husband was medically retired from the Army. He finally went through some of his boxes from the Army and found his old uniforms. He wanted me to have something made out of his uniforms from basic training... MoreSo we contacted Military Apparel Company and sent the one uniform he is proud of. This is the purse he picked out and had it made. I love it! I love that he wanted me to have it and actually took the time to look through the different designs and I love that her team put in the time and effort to make it special. I can't wait until our box arrives and the kids get to see what was made for them out of his uniforms too! Eve made it more special by sending us pictures of the kids stuff as it was being made so we got to be part of the process and she gets to be part of Christmas at our house with her beautiful work! The young, skinny, hot wife of W. Milner Jr.


  • The camo bears and military blankets are perfect!!!! Tears streaming down my face as my little girl hugs her teddy and quilt made from her daddy's uniforms. Please pass my love and gratitude to your team!!


  • I'm wearing this beautiful military bracelet today. Thank you so much ! Being able to have Chad's uniform that he wore in Afghanistan against me all day is very comforting.

    Aimee W.

  • They are being silly. Here are my boys with their custom made Military Brat key chains!!! I love them and they love their favorite colors on these awesome key chains!

    Devon and Kade