Frequently Asked Questions

If you encounter a challenge, please let us know immediately so we can work with you to correct the issue by contacting Customer Care 24/7 at 717-460-1890 or email us.

    1. Where do I mail my uniforms?Military Apparel Company
      393 Oxford Road, Gardners, PA 17324
    2. What if I do not have uniforms or can't find them (e.g. they are in storage)? We do have in-stock fatigues you can use. When customizing your creation, select the Uniform to use.
    3. What if I do not have name tapes or need more than one? (i.e. ordering multiples bags using one jacket only)You may order extra name tapes directly on our website.
    4. Can I send any type of uniform?Yes. We would be honored to convert any uniforms, from any branches, any past wars, from Class A to a light chambray Navy shirt! We have seen it all and it always turns out so good! We will make sure to contact you regarding any style or design questions.
    5. Can you use anything other than jackets? Yes. We can use pants, shirts, big duffle bags, blankets: as long as it is made of fabric and of reasonable size! (e.g. hats would not work)
    6. Can I request where the pockets, buttons, and patches go? Yes. Insert any specific instructions in the comment section during checkout. (e.g. use the eagle patch on front of bag) We strive to offer custom creations, this is our passion. If we have any questions about your order/instructions, we will contact you!
    7. What do the zipper closures look like?
    8. What does the interior look like? We use high quality solid cotton twill and most bags will come with a seam-to-seam inside pocket, split in two.
    9. What do you use for the bottom of the bags? The material we use is a very high quality material of semi-leather. This makes your bag sturdier and easy to keep clean.
    10. What type of handles do you use? We use an extremely good quality of black cotton fabric twill to craft the handles. It is very comfortable and durable! Our typical length is 28" on bags that come with 2 handles. 
    11. What if I have a custom idea for a bag? Please email with your idea and we will get back to you ASAP to discuss your custom project. 
    12. Will I receive a shipping confirmation? We will make every effort to process your order within two-three days. You will receive an e-mail when your package has been shipped.  With this information you will be able to track your order. First class 2–8 business days and Priority 1–3 business days. 
    13. Do you offer a warranty of work quality? Military Apparel Company strives to create the perfect handbag or accessory for you using your specifications. Slight imperfections are normal because we create your purses and accessories by hand. No automated processing is used in the making of each unique Military Apparel Company creation.
    14. What is your return policy? Due to the nature of our work (completely custom), ALL orders placed online or at an event are considered final sales and MAY NOT be returned or refunded.
    15. How do I care for my bag? We strongly recommend spraying your purse with Scotch-Guard to prevent stains. When really needed, please hand wash carefully using a regular detergent. DO NOT MACHINE WASH. Please air dry. DON’T TUMBLE DRY. You can also dry clean your handbag but please make sure to ask your specialist if he can handle this task. We will not be responsible for damage caused to your creation due to washing.